Wat is stichting Getting Up?

Getting Up is a 2016 newly formed partnership with several partners from the cultural - and design sector have worked together successfully for years in various projects. So there is really to speak of a team of entrepreneurs, artists and craftsmen informally existed longer. Our reach extends over Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are frequently there even further realized projects in Europe.

Getting Up has collectively over 100 years of experience in various disciplines and wearing a colorful C.V. with it that are equal in the Dutch art- and culture industry does not know.

Until the experience and abilities include:

  • Design and realization of large murals
  • Development and realization of art projects in public space
  • Development and implementation of anti-graffiti concepts
  • digital designs, DTP, logo’s, corporate identity development & website development
  • professional workshops & educational programs
  • trainings, presentations & readings
  • Technical expertise and broad-based knowledge of materials
  • Monitoring of quality regardless of the scale of a project
  • High quality paint work and every imaginable object
  • Use of artificial plants as a multi-purpose product
  • Project presentation and leadership in the cultural sector
  • Festival Organization and leadership
  • Reclameproductie, advertising and promotional paintings
  • Signing & reclamebelettering
  • Management & development of creative networks in vacant properties
  • Offering innovative solutions for major maintenance (real estate)
  • Sale, PR & marketing, strategic account
  • Talentbegeleiding
  • Urban interior
  • audiovisual design

In our network are:

  • Many professional artists in various disciplines
  • Internationally operating mural artists
  • Contractors, construction- and finishing companies
  • Contacts in leading museums and galleries
  • Inputs at provincial and national authorities
  • DJ’s, producers, professional musicians & audiotechneuten
  • Photographers & multimedia producers
  • Contacts in retail, wholesale, I import productie
  • Festivalorganisatoren

More information can be found on our extensive Facebook business page.