Below are the three artists which includes foundation Getting UP. Check the individual websites of the diversity of the works of art that can be applied in combination on your location and / or object. Of course we work closely with a large network of other artists from this region, which we use as necessary to the best outcome for viewing komen.Veel!

Martin Plag

Martin Plag

Martin Plag operates under different artist names, whose “James Jetlag” undoubtedly the best known. His work consists mainly applied art and is especially known by the use of photo realist ism and the interplay between the realistic details and large graphic color compositions.

Jet lag has only one consistent motto: “I never paint the same 2x”…because not repeat yourself is also an art!


Gart ‘ALPHA’ Smits

ALPHA is a creative person with an area stretching from graffiti to various musical excesses in the studio. His fascination for portraits and the human traits come increasingly to the fore in his work, which he did not hesitate to raise the bar a little higher each time.


Gart Smits

Arian Winterink

Arian Winterink

Winterink is already long in the world of paint and wielded almost any material ever that there is to give an object color. Of detailed graphics work to graffiti… Everything is on its pallet.